Professional oral hygiene and teeth whitening


In the dental clinic of Delta-dent Mitino pay great attention to the prevention of dental diseases in our patients.
Every six months we invite our patients for regular checkups and, if necessary, offer to carry out the procedure of professional tooth cleaning. After all, to engage in the prevention of dental diseases for patients is cheaper than to engage in their treatment.
If necessary in occupational hygiene, the patient with ultrasound and remove the Tartar on the teeth, Polish the teeth with a powder-based soda under pressure, removing plaque, and then Polish the teeth with a special paste. Thus the patient are lightened teeth 2-3 shades, giving them a natural white shade.
At the request of patients, we can offer different systems of teeth whitening. Starting from the simplest special toothpaste, finishing with a home whitening system using custom mouthguards. This procedure is purely cosmetic and can not be recommended by the dentist and is done only upon patient request.
We are waiting for You in our dental clinic Delta dent Mitino.

профессиональная чистка зубов в митино

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