In our dental clinic we offer our patients all types of fixed and removable prosthetics. Depending on the individual treatment plan, we offer any orthopedic structure, such as tabs of metal-ceramic crowns, metal-free ceramic crowns Zirconia crowns on implants, ceramic veneers, clasp and nylon dentures, private orthodontic mouthguards, mouthguards, teeth whitening, and sports.
All designs are made in our laboratory of the most modern materials and the latest European equipment.
After diagnosis, Your bite, our doctor will be made a mold of your teeth. From the impression a model is made that is transferred to the articulator, a device that allows to repeat all the movements of your jaw. This allows us, according to Your physiological characteristics of the teeth, precisely fabricate an orthopedic design that will last You for years.
We pay great attention to the aesthetic features of prosthetic. Our technicians first modeled the tooth in wax, while achieving aesthetics and function with a wax model is made constant, Konstrukcija.
We are waiting for You in our dental clinic Delta dent Mitino.

протезирование зубов в митино

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