Dental services
Our dental clinic provides a full range of dental services for adults, such as preventive dentistry (treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, splinting, Periodontology), prosthodontics (dentures all removable and fixed designs), oral surgery (extractions of any complexity, surgery in oral cavity), implantology (implants, bone surgery, sinus lifting), orthodontics (bite correction in children and adults), professional oral hygiene and teeth whitening.
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One of the leading directions in the activity of the clinic is the treatment and retreatment of previously treated teeth.

In our dental clinic, we offer patients all types of fixed and removable prosthetics.

In our dental clinic operations for the extractions of any complexity.

One of the strongest areas of our dental practice is dental implants.

Very important is the presence of the correct bite. It has long been scientifically proven that there is a connection between the bite of the person and presence of those or other dental and general diseases.

In the dental clinic of Delta-dent Mitino pay great attention to the prevention of dental diseases in our patients.

In our dental practice we use a different system of diagnosis of dental diseases.

Kuznetsova Julia chief physician, General dentist
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